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Christian translation is a Christian company specialized in the translation of languages. Christian Translation is an International mission dedicated to assist our brothers around the world to preach the gospel without limits; to reach souls by presenting the gift God has given us in many languages. That is why we are using our talents to take the gospel of Jesus Christ through varieties of ministries into nations where the Good News hasn’t been heard yet.

Christian Missions are in need of translation services for their “writings, books, teaching materials, bible studies, sermons, messages” and much more. Our mission is to assist our brothers and sisters to spread the gospel with our translation services.

As we are not a conventional company, most of our work is operated through the internet; thus we have access to almost any language translator in the world, professional and certified translators as well. If at certain point you don’t find here the language you’re looking for, just contact us and we’ll get that language translator for you.


All our translators are Native speakers, Christian translators; we do not believe in Machine translations; we believe in translations performed by humans, who can really convey the meaning of your message through discernment.

Our Vision

Why should you decide to use our enhanced professional language translation services?


  • International references (available upon request).
  • Comprehensive reference material in several languages and fields.
  • Satisfied clients globally.
  • Well-established client’s world-wide.
  • Translation, editing, proofreading, localization, linguistic consulting in over 250 languages.
  • Seven years of experience as a Christian translation agency.
  • All our translators, editors and localizers are native speakers of their target language(s) and have one or more university degrees in their specialties (Theology, Religion, law, medicine, finance, commerce, engineering, journalism, etc.).
  • The use of TRADOS, WORDFAST, SDLX and other CAT tools, which aid translation and ensure terminological consistency across projects.
  • Tight deadlines and multilingual projects present no obstacle and are tackled on a regular basis to customer satisfaction.
  • Target-language texts checked by both an editor and subsequently by another native proof reader.
  • Resilience, helpfulness to clients’ needs are among our main principles.
  • Reliability, thoroughness, accuracy, deadlines kept: these will never be compromised.
  • An extremely competent and competitive freelancer database created over 7 years, its day-to-day maintenance, updating and enhance.
  • Translator selection based on rigorous criteria and test translation.
  • Do you have an irrepressible desire to be broadcast your writings to the world?
  • Do you have an important professional paper you’ve been intending to share but haven’t due to the language barrier?
  • Do you have a book that you have been planning to translate for years?
  • Do you have a sermon or Bible study you’d really like to share with others but probably won’t?
  • Do you need to submit any kind of information in writing, to any kind of important or influential organization, person or church? Is it vital that this message is translated in a manner that it has increased chances of achieving the desired effect?
  • Do you have an important speech or sensitive letter you need to compose, but for some reason, can’t get the words just right?
  • Would accomplishing any of these goals enhance your ministry, church, organization  or personal vision or bring you better results