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Christian standard bible translation – informs us about the “The Holman Christian Standard Bible” being completed in March of 2004 but the New Testament version was published in 1999. The project was birthed back in 1984 by Arthur Farstad, the General Editor of the King James Bible, started on this independent project. Lifeway Christian Resources (the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention) agreed to finance the Holman Bible. Arthur Farstad died shortly thereafter and with his death went the vision of using the same Greek Testament that was used for the original King James and the New King James versions. Dr. Edwin Blum, took over the project and he with the other editors used Modern Greek Testaments to translate the Holman Bible from. The group would use earlier Greek Testaments (from the Modern Greek texts) to translate from if the Modern Greek versions didn’t clearly convey the meaning of the scriptural text. We at will use the same due diligence to translate your Christian works into your desired language. We use the finest and- clearest resources to translate your projects.

Orthodox Christian bible translation records critiques of ancient manuscripts and bible translations from an orthodox point of view. (A point of view that is generally accepted in theory, doctrine and practice.) 1382 the first English bible “The Oxford/ Wycliffe hand-written edition” was published 70 years before the printing press was invented. This particular version was partly translated from the original Latin, Greek and Hebrew manuscripts, but the other part was published from paraphrases of 14th-century colloquial English which was filled with many inaccuracies. Hence the Western Church Hierarchy condemned the version and it really never got off the ground. Between 1611 to the mid-20th century Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Syriac, and Aramaic texts that were older and more accurate than existing texts were discovered along with text fragments. These sources were copied only 200-300 years after the original texts were created. Bible translations increased in accuracy with the discovery of these ancient texts. Our translators at use great care and accuracy in every translation work they translate for you.

Christian Greek Scripture translations – Let’s wrap up this article with with history of Greek text translations. “The Septuagint” was the first known Greek scripture translation from the ancient Hebrew text. The time period is between the 3rd-1st centuries BC. “The LXX” another Greek scripture translation was translated from Hebrew and Aramaic; it also contains other documents which Christian Churches hold in varying degrees of authority. Our translators at follow a very long line of expert Christian translators. Our services follow in the spirit of excellence that the early translators mirrored so long ago.

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