Christian Translators

We only translate Christian texts, therefore, our translations are performed by Christian Translators Only.

This means that whichever your specific translation need is – a website, an app, a sermon, a tract, a book, a video, a movie, a script, a magazine, a newspaper, a blog, a forum – be sure that we will adapt it to any country’s target audience and to any specific language’s distinctive nuances…

We’ve worked with many Christian ministries and ministers worldwide, such as The Pocket Testament League, Gotquestions, Dag Heward-Mills, Mynor Vargas, Joni&friend, Twenty20faith, Onehope, EEworks, SIM and many others…

And all our translations have been successful, because they are performed by real brothers and sisters (human) as part of the body of Christ around the world.

With many years of experience in translating Christian texts, we can say that we have the best Christian teams possible for His glory and for excellency on your work.

All our Chriatian translators are:
  • Avid Church members
  • Bible teachers
  • Bible Professors
  • Missionaries
  • Theologians
  • Lay members
  • Church planters
  • Prayers
  • Christian Singers
  • Pastors
  • Church Leaders
  • And most important, filled with the desire to spread the Gospel worldwide using their talents through Christian translations.

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