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Top Languages of the Internet


  • English

Approximately 55.5% of all web content is in English and only around 20% of the world’s population speaks English at all. English remains that top number one language of the internet as of today.

  • Chinese

Chinese content online has decreased 39%. Approximately 2.8% web content is in Chinese, since about 650 million Chinese citizens are not online yet, we can expect a future increase.

  • Spanish

750 million people speak Spanish worldwide, and around half of those are native speakers. Currently 4.6% web content is in Spanish and it is increasing by 15.5% since 2011.

  • Japanese

5% web content is in Japanese, even though it has not increased since 2011.

  • Portuguese

2.5% web content is in Portuguese and rapid growing.

  • German

5.8% web content is in German, being one of the most connected countries in the world — in 2013, 85.7% of the population was online.

  • Arabic

0.7% website content is in Arabic and only 37% of Arabic speakers are connected to the internet, but the share on the web has been decreasing since 2011. Hopefully it will start increasing its presence online.

  • Russian

5.9% web content is in Russian and considerably growing since 2011. 61% of the 143.5 million population are connected to the internet, and 28 million Russians have come online since 2010.

  • French

4% web content is in French, being the official language of 29 countries.


  • Korean

Korean is a fast growing language on the internet as well.

  • Turkish

Turkish has grown from 1.3 per cent to 1.5 per cent.

  • Italian

2% web content is in Italian and expecting to grow.