Christian Translation » Translation Process

These are the steps you’ll need to follow to have your document translated.

1. Have your document ready for translation, make sure you have perform proofreading of your document in the original language, that way, you’ll provide us with a document free of errors and ready to be translated.

2. Chat with us using our Live Chat feature in our website, if we are online at the moment.

3. Locate your language combination (s); because you’ll need to tell us what is the language (s) that you want your file or document to be translated into.

4. Check our Word Count Tool section in our website and count the word for your document; we can also do that for you, if you are not sure. Please note that we charge per word basis.

5. Email us the file or document to be translated along with all the information required in our Rates section.

6. Once we receive your email, we’ll evaluate it and get back to you with a preliminary quote. This is the step where we’ll discuss all possible questions, doubts and agree on rates and terms as well.

7. When we have the “Green Light or Go Ahead” from you, we’ll have our Christian Translator starts the translation of your project.

a. If the translator finds any section that is not so clear or has any doubt on the original document, you’ll be contacted to clear these doubts and provide answers to these possible questions. The idea is to deliver a perfect translated file conveying the meaning of your text.

8. Once the translation is finished, we’ll then have our experts proofread your text for better quality.

9. The final document is sent to you (the customer), you’ll have the opportunity to verify it and ask any possible question that you may have; since most of the time, the customer does not know the target language, we always recommend to have a friend who speaks the target language to check the translation for you and verify the quality of the same.

10. Project is closed and finished; you’ll just need to submit your testimony or comments on your experience using our Christian Translation Services.