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We can only recommend We needed a large book to be translated into German that had over 580 pages. Working with Bro. Yeral and his team was very easy and without any complications.

Whenever there was something to discuss, Yeral was always available and was able to give an answer within 48 hours.

We are happy to have our book “what love is this – Eine Frage der Liebe” now in our hands and are thankful again for his ministry. &

In Christ

EMP Germany

Philipp Daniel Frei


Philipp, Philipp

Herve T.

“Last year, Christian Translation helped me start up a Bible literature publishing house in Portuguese. It was done remotely, just sharp and clear with the flexibility and professionalism I needed.

As a translator myself by training, I can confirm the quality of the translation I got from Christian Translation, with the priceless advantage of translators who actually grasp the essence of the Word of God and keep the spiritual substance of the original texts.”

Herve Theret, from Switzerland

Herve T, Herve T.

Dr. Mynor A. Vargas

Los servicios que Christian Translation nos ha brindado son de ALTA CALIDAD, cada traducción ha sido entregada MAS RÁPIDO de lo que esperamos. Hemos quedados totalmente satisfechos y somos clientes para toda la vida. Dr. Mynor A. Vargas.

Dr. Mynor A. Vargas, Dr. Mynor A. Vargas

Pat W.

We have used  the service of Christian Translations many times. Christian Translation has been very gracious in meeting our needs with a very quick turn around on our requests for translation  and  at a reasonable cost. We are blessed to have access to his service. Praise God for his ministry to help in the support of Christians around the world.

Pat W, Pat W

Marten V.

Christian Translation facilitated a professional translation into French for us. He always responded quickly and correctly to e-mails, and the project was finished at the agreed date.  Marten Visser, co-founder GlobalRize

Marten V, Marten V.
I found the translation service to be very easy to use with all applications on-line.  The translation was also returned surprisingly quickly.  I would not hesitate to recommend the service to anyone in a hurry for an accurate Japanese translation.  Ralph C.
Ralph C., Ralph C.

Don S.

I am happy to say that Christian Translation did an excellent job translating my book, “Jesus is No Myth,” into Chinese. Since publishing it on the web I have noticed a steady increase in downloads of the book.

Don S., Don S.

Shirley B.

EE International hosted a multi-national conference in Cape Town, South Africa in 2013, with delegates from over 60 nations in attendance.  It was necessary for us to provide translations of key documents that we were asking them to sign.  Some of these documents were in legal terminology, and we needed them translated into Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

I was very pleased with the professional service provided by Christian Translation Services.  The documents were completed in a very short time frame and the feedback received from our delegates was that the quality of the translations was overall excellent. I did some shopping before choosing Christian Translation Services and their prices were generally better than others I contacted and I was pleased to do business with a Christian organization. I highly recommend them
Shirley B., Shirley B.

James and Hamsa Sasse.

Mr. Yeral Ogando and His Ministry is taking The Gospel to all the Nations of the Earth! He is providing a service to Christian Ministries through His Translation Services that allow Web Sites around the World to speak in Tongues! His services to our web site:, have given a great opportunity to reach to every corner of the Globe. We are averaging about 100 visits per day because has given our web site a new dimension as we add new Languages every month! I thank our Lord Christ for because before we met Yeral our web site was stagnated at about 25 visits per day because we could not find a translator who would work with us on our budget limitations. is doing this work and sacrificing his time and talent to help ministries around the world reach those who have no hope!

I think that is God’s best kept secret! It is time for us to Honor those who Honor Him! Using His Services are a Blessing to us and The World and allowing fruit unto his account as Paul thanked the Philippians as they gave to Paul and were credited by God for their giving to Paul! Yeral’s web site with Bible Translations in many Languages shows best Yeral’s Heart of care for the Lost and also shows he has the best interest of others! Yeral has impacted the World for Christ in a very significant way! The Lord Bless Him! In Christ’s Love.

James and Hamsa Sasse., James and Hamsa Sasse.

Shea is the most extensive multi-lingual Christian website in the world. Now translated into over 95 different languages, we have worked with over 100 different translators / translation companies. We have found to be the best solution for ministries with Christian-based content needing to be translated.

Their work is always high-quality and reasonably priced. The few small problems we have had have all been rectified in a timely manner. We highly recommend! In Christ,

Shea, Shea

“I love Jehovah, because he heareth My voice and my supplications. Because he hath inclined his ear unto me, Therefore will I call upon him as long as I live.” –Psalm 116:1-2 Copyright © 1901 Public Domain

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