Christian Translation Services

Over the past 14 years, Christian Translation has been providing Christian Translation Services for thousands of ministries online. When it comes to anything related to Christianity and languages, Christian Translation is ready to engage and complete the task.

We have worked from movie scripts, subtitling, videos creating, website, blogs, books publishing, books reviews, books cover design, Christian book formatting and editing, ministry outreach, Christian marketing, mp3 transcription, video transcription, search engine optimization, connecting ministries worldwide and much more.

If you have a project involving Christianity and languages, we will surely be there to assist you. You can view our main services below.

Christian Translation Main Services.

Christian Books Translation: Christian Translation’s team can translate your Christian books into more than 125 languages. Rest assured that our Christian teams will put their whole heart into it and perform human translation, this making sure that your Christian message is easily understood in your target languages.


Christian Websites Translation: We can translate your Christian Website into as many languages as possible. We can work on back-end (html codes) or any other program you have to translate your website. This century is about internet and people are hungry to know more about your message and content, why not show them into other languages?…


Christian Voice – Over (Dubbing): You have videos with your sermons, mission and ministry’s goal, outreach and many more, but you want to create subtitles so people can understand what you are saying, or you just want voice over into another language. We are here to assist you with your Christian Voice Over project.

Christian Sermon Translation: You know the message the Lord gives you every week to preach and share at your congregation. The Lord is doing great things with those assisting your church, but your sermons can reach more people and in other languages. The Great Commission sends us to All Nations, we can surely help you in accomplishing this sacred task.

Christian Articles Translation: You receive inspiration to write daily, weekly or monthly articles and you want others to know and understand the message you are receiving from the Lord. Well, just email us your Christian Articles and we will set up a team for your articles and make sure others are blessed with them.


Gospel Tracts Translation: You have reached thousand and millions with your tracts and Gospel tracts, now it is time to reach the world and you need them to understand; therefore, you need translation and that is where Christian Translation comes it.


Christian Magazines Translation: It can be a traditional magazine, it can be online, or a blog, comments page, a discussion board; you name it. As soon as it is with Christian content, we will gladly assist you in translating your material into any language.