Why Christian Translation?

Christian translation is a Christian company specialized in the translation of languages. Christian Translation is an International mission dedicated to assist our brothers and sisters around the world to preach the gospel without limits; to reach souls by presenting the gift God has given us in many languages. That is why we are using our talents to take the gospel of Jesus Christ through varieties of ministries into nations where the Good News hasn’t been heard yet.

Many people think that anyone can translate a Christian text, which is a wrong misconception. Just as it takes a doctor to treat a patient, it takes a Christian Translator to translate a Christian Text. Only a Christian Translator has the skills and touch of the Holy Spirit to convey the spiritual meaning and message behind every single Christian Text.


Christian Books Translation

Christian Translation’s team can translate your Christian books into more than 125 languages. Rest assured that our Christian teams will put their whole heart into it and perform human translation, this making sure that your Christian message is easily understood in your target languages.

Christian Websites Translation

We can translate your Christian Website into as many languages as possible. We can work on back-end (html codes) or any other program you have to translate your website. This century is about internet and people are hungry to know more about your message and content, why not show them into other languages?…

Christian Sermons Translation

You know the message the Lord gives you every week to preach and share at your congregation. The Lord is doing great things with those assisting your church, but your sermons can reach more people and in other languages. The Great Commission sends us to All Nations, we can surely help you in accomplishing this sacred task.

Christian Articles Translation

You receive inspiration to write daily, weekly or monthly articles and you want others to know and understand the message you are receiving from the Lord. Well, just email us your Christian Articles and we will set up a team for your articles and make sure others are blessed with them.