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Key to Spreading the Gospel

    Think of all the scriptures that have been translated over the centuries into other languages. Many people in ancient history have heard the good news of Jesus Christ because of translators translating the gospel into their native tongues. Jesus said to go into all the world… We will now go into the world of Christian translation, Christian translation jobs and Christian translation services.

    Christian Translation – we must understand that Christian translation is a key to getting the gospel out to the whole world. People who translate the gospel into various languages play a vital role in getting the truth to every area of the world. People who can only read in their native language depend heavily on translators to communicate works of the gospel in their native tongue. One site will benefit anyone who is in need of a translation service.

Christian Translation Services

Christian Translation’s mission is to assist ministries, pastors, churches and individuals to fulfill the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ: Matthew 28:19 “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost,” Over the past 10 years and so, Christian Translation has translated thousands of materials into more than 125 languages. Christian Translation Services vary from translating your daily devotionals, books, websites, brochures, magazines, tracts, sermons and much more to voice over services, subtitling, lip sync, audio recording, and transcription. If it is a language related material, we can handle it and can rest assured that our translators are Christian Native; thus having the experience and expertise that you need for your materials.
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Importance of Translation

Is it important to translate your writings into other languages? This is a valid question and I am sure that most people will likely said “Yes” without even thinking about it. The real question would be “Why is it important for you to translate your writings? The best answer to this question is found in the book of Acts, chapter 2 “…we hear them speak in our own tongues the wonderful works of God.” If we want others to hear the “wonderful works of God”, we would need to reach them and how can we reach them when they do not speak our language? Therefore, we learn from the Bible the importance of translating your writings into other languages. Maybe you’ve been called to serve a target community speaking your own language; if that is the case, then you do not need to worry about translating your Christian Materials into other languages.
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Christian Translation Services

Christian Translation Service
    Christian Translation is who We are
    Our ministry at is based on the command Jesus gave us to translate His Word and works to all the nations of the earth. We feel that we have the best native translators in every language we currently offer translation services. These are the reasons why we excel in Christian literature translation ministries, Christian language translation and Christian literature translation. No one can beat the quality of our translation services and our translators are more than willing to help you with any translation needs you have. We offer free quotes on a variety of Christian translation services.

    We know our translators are anointed of God to serve Him in His translation ministry and they are sensitive to you and His Spirit and they listen to the Lord every step of the way in the translation process. This sets us at ,, part from any other translation service. !

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Posted on 03 Sep 2015