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Christian Korean Translation: translating Christian Works to the Ends of Korea


Our translators at have a passion to translate Christian Korean Translation works to reach every living soul in both North and South Korea. Our translators have the vision and the expertise to transform your Christian Korean documents with the finest evangelical tools available on the internet. We are very experienced in translating any job into and out of the Korean language. We go over every translated word with the utmost care making sure the words are conveying the exact meaning of the words taken from the original text. You will not find a more diligent and insightful Korean group of translators than we have serving us at Our Korean translations are so seamless you will not be able to tell where the meaning of the original text ends and the new translated text begins. tells of the migration of the Holy Spirit into Korea infusing an otherwise dead church with God’s divine power and passion. Yong-Do Lee, graduated Seminary in 1928 and he went to the Dongcheon church in Korea. He lamented over the lifeless church in Korea in 1928.

He began pastoring but was ineffective because he was not born-again or baptized in the Holy Spirit; he had trouble leading the church. He went to Geumgang Mountain and fasted and prayed for 10 days; he encountered the Spirit in a very powerful way and he was converted.

The Lord transformed Lee into a new man who became a powerful man of prayer. He now preached powerfully, anointed messages. He then had 2 powerful experiences in the Lord that became the basis of his revival meetings later. After these experiences with the Lord, hearers of his messages began to repent of their sins with loud cries.

Revival began to hit the area and Lee reached the pinnacle of his ministry around 1931.
Lee became well-known in the area and even conducted revival meetings in China and Manchuria. The whole city of Pyongyang was shaken by the great works the Lord manifested through Lee.

Major revival hit the area as the Lord began to breathe life into the Korean church. Unfortunately, Yong-Do Lee died from tuberculosis at the tender age of 33- years-old.

We at have a heart to see revival hit South Korea again and especially break into the deep darkness that has settled over North Korea since the country shifted over to Communism around 1945. We firmly believe working in conjunction with you in translating your Christian Korean works we can touch many lives in both North and South Korea. We want to proclaim the good news to every Korean household before Jesus comes back. We want to fulfill the great commission Jesus gave us so long ago to complete. We can accomplish a great translation work in Korea and make a difference to those millions of lost souls who have not received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Our Korean translators are on fire for Jesus and they want to spread that fire through their translation ministry for you.

“I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 32:27

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