Christian Human Translations

We only offer Human Translations, we don’t provide Machine Translations. In other words, all our translation and services are performed by a real, native Christian person, a human.

We understand with our vast years of experiences that Machine translations are not fit for a Christian Translation. Our work reflect Christ in us and we must honor Him with our work as well.

Therefore, if you are looking for Machine translation, this is not the correct place. We only offer Christian Translations and Christian Services performed by born again Christians, real brothers and sisters into more than 250 languages.

Some may think of Machine translation as a cheap way to go and to achieve their goal, but remember, machines don’t have heart and they don’t have a human heart to project the feelings, thoughts, nuances and emotion that needs to be present when translating a Christian Text. At the long run, the cheap and machine translation will cost you more, because we must present the Gospel contextualized and that is not something a machine could do.

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