Chuukese Christian Translation

Chuukese Christian Translation


Chuukese also known as Trukese is a Trukic language from Chuuk Islands in Caroline Islands in macronesia. Chuukese is considered a rare language and not many resources can translate your Christian text into Chuukese. Approximately 100,000 people in total speak this language in all Macronesia. What makes Chuukese Christian Translation Unique? The very few resources or people translating into this language and the limited speakers of the same. Having your books, sermons and materials into a Chuukese Language is essential. If you would like to share the message the Lord has given you with the Chuukese People and community, then you will need our Chuukese Christian Translation services.

Chuukese is a very rare language in the translation’s industry and the rates are extremely high for translation. Some companies out there charge you .95 cents and sometimes more than one dollar per word. You can find other resources charging you .65 and the least .50 per based word into Chamorro.

We at Christian Translation will be more than glad to translate your Christian materials into Chuukese with our Chuukese Christian Translators, thus providing you with an excellent Chuukese Christian Translation or Christian Chuukese Translation services.

Christian Translations into Chuukese language is one of the services we are proud to offer with very low rates comparing to the market.

The most important factor is that we will perform your Chuukese Christian Translation using a real human and Chuukese Christian Translator.

If you are looking for Christian Resources or Bible into Chuukese online, you may try some of the websites we have located for your convenience.

Chuukese Online Bible

The Bible in Chuukese

Online Chuukese Bible

There are many more resources available for the Chuukese Christian Community. If you have other links or resources that you want us to publish, feel free to email us and we will gladly add them into our Chuukese Christian Translation page.

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