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   Christian Translation: Key to Spreading the Gospel

Think of all the scriptures that have been translated over the centuries into other languages. Many people in ancient history have heard the good news of Jesus Christ because of translators translating the gospel into their native tongues. Jesus said to go into all the world… We will now go into the world of Christian translation, Christian translation jobs and Christian translation services.

Christian Translation-we must understand that Christian translation is a key to getting the gospel out to the whole world. People who translate the gospel into various languages play a vital role in getting the truth to every area of the world. People who can only read in their native language depend heavily on translators to communicate works of the gospel in their native tongue. One site will benefit anyone who is need of a translation service.

This service is run by Yeral Ogando and offers many translation services:

-Christian Book Translations

-Christian Website Translations

-Christian Devotional Translations

-Christian Brochure Translations

-Christian Voice – Over (Dubbing)

– Christian Advertisement Translations

-Christian Magazine Translations

-Christian Sermon Translations

-Christian Article Translations

-Gospel Tract Translations

-Christian Tract Translations


Shea from got had this to say about Christian” is the most extensive multi-lingual Christian website in the world. Now translated into over 95 different languages, we have worked with over 100 different translators / translation companies. We have found to be the best solution for ministries with Christian-based content needing to be translated.

Their work is always high-quality and reasonably priced. The few small problems we have had have all been rectified in a timely manner. We highly recommend!

James and Hamsa Sasse from God Who is said this” Mr. Yeral Ogando and His Ministry is taking The Gospel to all the Nations of the Earth! He is providing a service to Christian Ministries through His Translation Services that allow Web Sites around the World to speak in Tongues! His services to our web site:, have given a great opportunity to reach to every corner of the Globe. We are averaging about 100 visits per day because has given our web site a new dimension as we add new Languages every month! I thank our Lord Christ for because before we met Yeral our web site was stagnated at about 25 visits per day because we could not find a translator who would work with us on our budget limitations. is doing this work and sacrificing his time and talent to help ministries around the world reach those who have no hope!

I think that is God’s best kept secret! It is time for us to Honor those who Honor Him! Using His Services are a Blessing to us and The World and allowing fruit unto his account as Paul thanked the Philippians as they gave to Paul and were credited by God for their giving to Paul! Yeral’s web site with Bible Translations in many Languages shows best Yeral’s Heart of care for the Lost and also shows he has the best interest of others! Yeral has impacted the World for Christ in a very significant way!

This website has an outstanding reputation among the Body of Christ and you will find many more testimonies on the site.

Christian Translation jobs- let there be no doubt that translation jobs are critical to God’s redemption plan in this last hour and I cannot stress enough the importance of the translators who translate the gospel into many creative forms around the world.

Christian translation services – points out that Christianity has been translated into many different language over the years. The site says that Christianity is more about translating from one culture into another. Translators fill a unique calling in the Kingdom of God.

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. James 1:5

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