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Moses translated the revelation of God’s commands into Hebrew long before there was Christian Hebrew translation or Christian translation in Hebrew. Your Hebrew translators at will translate your Christian Hebrew documents with the greatest of insight. They will take great care to make sure the original meanings of your Hebrew documents or videos aren’t lost in the process. Our translators receive wisdom and insight from the Holy Spirit to make sure they are translating any work exactly how God wants it done. Hebrew is one of the oldest languages known to man.

We will help you with your Christian Hebrew Translation, Christian translation in Hebrew needs this is our promise to you at We guarantee our translation services are the best on the internet and we back up our work with quality results. Come and check out the testimonials our customers have given our services.

Mark Hamilton, the author of this article, says that the Old Testament basically translated over a millennium with the oldest texts coming from the eleventh or tenth century BCE. War songs found in Exodus15 and Judges 5 were written from before the time of Solomon and David. According to the author the five books that make up “the Pentateuch” (Genesis-Deuteronomy) weren’t written by Moses as the popular view suggests.

Why? Because up until the eighteenth century scholars believed Moses was the author, but there were too many anomalies in the writing styles to attribute it to one author. Also, authors usually don’t write about their own deaths. The new theory is there were four sources that were woven together to form the “Pentateuch.” By the nineteenth century this explanation gained wide support. The thought was the “Pentateuch” came together when the four origins of Israel’s history were put into book form.

A very interesting site to surf. Within the site you will find 115 names for Jesus translated from Hebrew to English. The translations are broken down as follows:

(a-doh-NIGH) I AM (John 8:58; cp. Exodus 3:14).
Malakh Melitz
(mal-ahkh me-LEETS) Advocate; Intercessor (1 John 2:1; cp. Job 33:23).
All in All
Kol Bakol
(kohl ba-KOHL) All in all (Eph. 1:23).
Alpha and Omega
Aleph v’Tav
(ah-lef ve-TAHV) Alpha and Omega (Rev. 1:8, 11; 21:6; 22:13).

You can see that the English translated word is on the top then the actual Hebrew characters are listed below the English word. Then we have the word spelled out in the Hebrew letters (in English) then the site gives the pronunciation of the Hebrew word in English. Next there is a bible reference to support the name given for the Son of God. I have listed only a few of the names for Jesus for your viewing and to show you how the translations are set up on the website. Please click on the link above for a full viewing of the translated names for Jesus.

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” Isaiah 40:8

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