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Free translation tips

There are some free translation tools out there, such as Google, Yahoo; they are great tools, when you just want to have an idea of what the text is about, no serious translation, because, you need to remember that it is a machine translation; therefore the human touch and human...
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Cosmic A Rise into Greatness

Why Cosmic Glory? Many years ago, I read a book by Rebecca Brown called, “He Came to Set the Captives Free.” I was amazed and inspired by this book; it was the first time that I had read something so amazing, especially since I was born in a very distinctive family specialized in...
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Teach Yourself Haitian Creole

Teach Yourself Haitian Creole is the ultimate proven technique for you to master Haitian Creole in less than 3 months. This incredible book will guide you gradually from recognizing Creole alphabet, identifying the words and learning how to pronounce them easily with our Free Mp3...
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